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The Firm


The workshop

The firm was officially founded on 26 October 1999 and is installed in a former agricultural building with a surface area of 550 square metres (approx 6000 square feet).  The ground floor is divided into areas for pipe-making (96m²), covered storage and unloading.  The first floor houses 65m² of machinery, 32m² of work benches, a room for assembling organs (65m²), a voicing room, a small auditorium (35m²) and an office.  The assembling room is 8m high and the maximum height available in the workshop is 11m.
The premises are conveniently situated in the centre of Lorraine, in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department. 40km from Nancy and Metz, 20km from Commercy and Saint-Mihiel (55), and from Toul and Pont-à-Mousson (54).

Pipes workshop



Our guiding principles

The building of mechanical action organs

All instruments are conceived and designed in our workshop, where the work is entirely carried out using traditional craftsmanship.  Everything required is made by us in the workshop and no manufactured parts are used at all.  Traditional materials are always used, and no modern items such as plywood and plastic are ever employed in our instruments.

The restoration of early instruments

We undertake the restoration of all kinds of pipe organs whose basic conception is known to be known to be sound.  We are particularly interested in restoring instruments as closely as possible to their original state in order to ensure a sufficiently consistently result.  We take great care to avoid any kind of discrepancy between the materials used by the original builder and those employed during restoration.  We are signatories to the charter of organ builders who undertake restoration work.

Care and maintenance

We carry out rebuilding work and propose maintenance contracts for all types of instruments.  At present we tune and maintain more than fifty organs and undertake emergency repair work as far afield as Martinique and Guadeloupe.

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